General Debility and Weakness, for Men

Pack Size: 100 ml. / 200 ml. / 500 ml. (Syrup)

jirya cure

Jirya Cure

General Debility and Weakness, for Men

Jirya Cure prepared with various valuable & selected unique herbs. Spermatorrhoea is a tragic disorder that results in general debility, Inaptitude to work, disinclination for sexual intercourse and ultimately impotence.

  • Jirya Cure controls Spermatorrhoea, Premature ejaculation.
  • Relieves backache due to sexual debility.

  • Control the nocturnal emission of semen without intercourse, often while sleeping.
  • Increases density of semen.

DOSAGE: 10-20 ml morning and evening should be taken after meals.

Or as directed by the physician.

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