Sehat Bhi - Shifa Bhi

  • Shifain has a pleasant effect in creating sound health and nurturing life, of all sicknesses.
  • It is dynamic and strengthens all the limbs and organs of the body.
  • It gives energy to the liver, heart and brains.
  • It grants vigour to the muscles and nerves.
  • It removes deficiency in reduction of blood.
  • It is very beneficial for the power of sight and faculty of hearing.
  • It provides nutriments for the entire body and dispels constipation.
  • Shifain is equally beneficial for males and females of all ages and for all seasons.


To be taken in the morning on empty stomach and evening.


DOSAGE: Adults: 15gm Children: 7gm

Children: 7gm


PACK SIZE: 250 g, 500 g

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