Fevi Cure


It is an excellent antipyretic that fights against fever of all origins or types, be it malaria, typhoid  or common cold, influenza and fever with symptoms like bone pains, chills & rigor, sweating & delirium.

Directions for use:

For Adult: 10-20 ml should be taken at 2-3 times a day alongwith lukewarm water. For Children: 5 ml.


DOSAGE: 2-4 pills should be taken at 2-3 times a day alongwith lukewarm water. or as directed by the physician.


Pack Size: 60ml, 100ml,  200ml, 500ml, (Syrup)  50, 100, 1000 (Tablets)

Pack Size

60-ml, 100-ml,  200-ml, 500-ml, (Syrup)  50, 100, 1000 (Tablets)

Manufactured By

Mirzapur Pole, Tehsil-Behat, District Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) 247121


+91 9758879357, 9756349577

Country of Origin


Principal Ingredients:

Chiraita (Swertia charata Buch & Ha)

Gilo (Tinospora cardifolia)

Soonth (Zengiber officinalis)

Ajwayin (Ptychotis ajowan)

Gaudanti (Gypsum calcined)

Turbud (Turpeth tirupeth)

Fitkari Biryan (Alum (Alumen)

Tukham Karanjawa (Bonduc nut)

Tukham Kasni (Pistacia galls)

Filfil Syah (Piper nigrum)

Gond Kateera (Sterculia urenus)

Neem Kham (Azadirachta indica)


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